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This was able to keep me guessing even after I thought I knew who it was. The characters were very real and got me involved in their lives, they are very lively and full of life. The dialogue is easy to follow but does not talk down to you at all and even the technical terms are defined.

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The story maintains the tension throughout and draws you in as the time ticks away things become more complicated. Aspen Falls is a small town in Colorado which has the distinction of having had a serial killer bury his victims within its boundaries. When FBI agent Nicholas Grant finally finds the location of the dumping ground of a the serial he has been tracking for ten years he thinks that he has finally been able to bring closure to the families of his thirteen victims, what he actually finds is that a more.

Jamie Taylor is brought in with her dog to help pinpoint the graves, she is one of the best in the field, and she found them and a lot more. What they uncover means that there is another serial killer operating in their small town and using the same area to dump bodies.

Now they have to find the culprit before any more people go missing to a killer who leaves no marks on the body and no evidence that will lead back to him. The killer makes it personal when he infiltrates the investigation to keep an eye on what is happening and no one is the wiser. I think this was a great book and I enjoyed it a great deal. I would give this three stars because it's written well enough that I wanted to make it to the end of the story.

I wanted to find out what happened. I didn't give it more stars because of the lack of real relationship between the heroine and the detective. It starts out well, with her being understandably annoyed by him - that scene is well written - the only problem is it's almost the only scene between them. There is no reason for her to be constantly in his mind - and no reason for her to ever be attracted to Nick at all.

Based on what I've seen of this author, I'd encourage her to keep trying and just add some more interactions between those who are supposed to wind up together. Were you captivated after a couple of paragraphs? Did the 1st sentence grab you? Did you get to around the word mark and didn't have a clue where the story was going? To be honest, the first five hundred words did not grab my immediate attention. You are drawn into a grisly crime scene and it takes the first two brief chapters to flesh out the details.

This novel is a bit of a slow-starter for me, but I can understand the details in a work this size sometimes come at a snail's pace. This one is pretty straight forward - if the book is supposed to be for young teens and 'tweens does it hit the mark? Or is it entirely TOO mature? Is it really a suspense story or is it more of a romance with a few suspenseful moments?

Being listed as a 'crime' story, The Missings, was probably not intended for the younger audience.

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Graphic details of mutilations, some strong dialogue and the general premise of the disturbing images left by this piece of fiction would preclude me from recommending it to teens. Did the 'innards' of the book follow a clear, concise, standard format throughout the book? Or did you have a hard time keeping up with paragraphs or dialogue?

Were multiple fonts used? While I enjoyed the intensity of this book, I found one aspect of it that distracted me. Each of the ninety-one chapters begins with a notation where the "scene" is taking place and most emblazoned with a time and date stamp. While I understand the events are being related in 'real-time', I feel most accomplished readers of this genre can be trusted to realize where, and when the events are taking place by other means.

The Missings

If this were a screenplay, I would be more willing to concede to the concept. An occasional nudging of whereabouts goes a long way, rather than ninety-one full-fledged slaps to the face. Was this book something you'd never read? If it was a retelling - did the author make it feel fresh and just different enough that it kept you involved? The theme of the book was spot-on. I knew what to expect by looking at the cover and being introduced to a mutilated victim in the first few paragraphs. But to regard this as simply a 'crime' story does this work a grave injustice.

The plot weaves the personal and professional life of the protagonist expertly into the vast array of other characters. We get an overview of the baffling murder case, but we also see the real life personal struggles public servants so often experience. Add to that, the author delving into prejudices inflicted on the immigrant Hispanic community and the result is a provocative and controversial thriller.

As far as originality, I would say the atrocities associated with this story might well have happened in a third-world country. The same deviant behavior occurring in a small Colorado town, not so much. For that twist, Ms. Brantley gets my kudos. Did the author use descriptive language and 'all those extra little things' to make it the best it could be? Did you feel it was too sparse in description? Did the author go OVER board with the description? I felt the main characters introduced in this work were developed wonderfully.

They came to life slowly enough that the reader could be drawn into their lives through the backstories provided.

On the other hand, some secondary characters lacked the depth I wanted to see in a novel of this size. The way prejudices were dealt with even in the ranks of the police were realistic and added depth to the intricate storyline. I also enjoyed the 'police speak', and while it was not as detailed as it could have been, I believe for the average reader works to a tee.

Did you want to turn the next page because it was SO good? Mmmmm, Twinkies' while you read? As I said above, the book is a tad slow at the start, but once the wheels get rolling the suspense is far from lacking. I found myself turning page after page to get to the next "scene" and my interest level grew as the story progressed. I also have a warning Was the book pretty darn flawless? Insertions of how a character felt or a distinct action necessary to get a point or feeling across was delivered at just the right time. The dialogue was not overdone, and when it was used it worked precisely.

When all is said in done - did you enjoy the book? Would you recommend it to others? Brantley's book to be a pleasure to read. I could see the Chase Waters character being a protagonist the author could build a series around. With the multiple subplots of The Missings and the minor characters that drew my interest but fell short in development, I would heartily await the next installment from this up and coming author.

I am currently perusing it and find it to be in the same caliber of this Five Blossom submission. Please go check it out! The Bestowing of the Blossoms As it turns out, Peg Brantley's The Missings has earned 94 points giving it a very strong 5 big beautiful blossoms!

We hope this review helps convince others to check out your book! Here's wishing you much success not just with The Missings, but will all your work. The world may have just found its next great thrilling crime writer. Apr 10, Robbie rated it really liked it Shelves: Pretty fast read for a not-so-short book. Well-written and edited, characters that were likeable and believable and plenty of action. I rate this one 4.

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When some of the community go missing they are reluctant to go to the authorities out of fear and the legal status of many in the community. When Elizebeth Benavides sister goes missing she challenges the communities silence and demands the authorities do something. Senior Detective Chase Waters looks into the case and when the other missing people are brought to his attention he works all his contacts to solve, what truely is a mystery. When Detective Waters investigation takes him to the doors of a private hospital for the Rich he looks for a connection.

The one he finds brings the case much to close to home for him. It speaks to the Fear of the Police by law abiding and even legal citizens and the unreported crimes they face. This is a mystery where life and death lay in the balance. A police procedural with some twists. Populated largely by middle and working class families, Aspen Falls might be Anytown, Colorado.

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  • Meanwhile, a few secondary story threads added depth, both to the characters and the tale. By the time we get to the climax, the case has struck closer to home than Waters would have ever anticipated.

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    May have received a free review copy. There were many issues that take place in this story and sadly within society. The Missings ranks as one of the good audiobooks I've listened to. I liked all the characters so I don't know that I had a favorite. I wanted there to be a character that I was more able to identify with. Eric Nutting was a fine narrator and I look forward to hearing more from him. Also I think that Peg Brantley is a very talented author and I will continue listening to her audiobooks.

    This one was a good take on an interesting subject matter. This was a book that I wanted to listen to all in one sitting but I had to take breaks. This was a book that I'm glad I listened to but I think it could have had more plot twists with the good storyline that it did have. I think this book is definitely worth listening to. Mar 13, Pam Whetton rated it it was amazing. I really enjoyed this book and now have the Red Tide book to read soon. A very engaging and page turning read. I was totally involved in this story and ripped through the pages at a great pace and read in one sitting.

    I thoroughly enjoyed the main characters — Detective, husband and father Chase Waters and his team of fellow investigators, all were realistic, empathetic, diligent and courageous in their private and business lives. This is a great police procedural where the main story and sub plots are interesting and contemporary. The language and conversations in A very engaging and page turning read. I will certainly look for more books by this author Some years ago I began to read a mystery novel by a bestselling author whose previous work I had enjoyed.

    One of the plot points hinged on a certain urban legend.

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    She made it believable, suspenseful, and up-to-date. The Missings held my attention throughout. Every character was fully drawn and believable. As far as the plot, I know these things happen in Third World countries, and it wouldn't stretch credulity to find instances in the US.

    Money, power, and greed control the world. I particularly liked the relationships between Chase Waters and everyone else. He's the kind of lead character who doesn't grate on my nerves and would make a solid series protag Good Plot - Good Writing - Well-defined Characters. He's the kind of lead character who doesn't grate on my nerves and would make a solid series protagonist. Brantley for a well-written, interesting book that I would highly recommend to my reader friends.

    The beginning was very slow. Book 2 by Debora Geary. Reviews of cdalton's books, not including cdalton's. Collections Your library , Currently reading 1 , To read 2 , All collections Tags tony dunbar 5 , Enzo 1 — see all tags. Currently reading Prince Lestat: The Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice.

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