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There are many additional elements however present in this story which make it unique and a great magical story. There are some good moral lessons there as well.

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Therefore, I will keep this book and read it to my daughter in a few years when she is a bit older. One person found this helpful. I found this book, written by Homa A. Garemani to be very intriguing and entertaining for all ages.


This book is an ancient tale that makes you use your imagination. It gives enough imagery to give you the main picture and leaves out enough to make you use your imagination and create a world you see in your mind's eye. With its intricate use of love, hate, and magic this tale is a good read for everyone.

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There are many themes that can be derived from this book such as, love can overcome any obstacle and when you learn from your mistakes and keep a level head anything is possible. In this story many characters are actually symbols for bigger things, such as Peerbabu. He is the good inside of everyone that is always there. It comes when you need it and is the hope that drives out the evil. The evil in this story isn't really the "dragon" but instead it is Amaease, he represents the greed and power hungry people in the world.

This book has a universal message, the beauty of it is in its simplicity. There are few books that are written for one culture, that can be related to everone which the whole world is able to understand, and this is one of them. The only other book I have read that was able to do this was The Illiad and the Odessy.

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I grew up living with books like Harry Potter and The Hobbit, but this is a book about my culture that is interesting and makes me feel even more proud about my heritage. Share this story with your children. Here is the art of story-telling in one of its best forms. Young and old will understand, enjoy, and will take the story's secrets to their hearts according to their age, experience, and spiritual refinement. I have thoroughly enjoyed this pleasurable reading. I have been giving copies of this book as gifts to young adults above 10 years in my family.

A Gift for the King: A Persian Tale

This is the type of book we should use in teaching our children the real life lessons. Your children will thank you later in life. This book is a wonderful way of showing children and young adults, as well as grown ups, how they can strengthen and grow their inner good to overcome all dark and evil forces within them.

Not only is a well described story, it is also very inspirational to all readers. Once you start this entertaining book you will never want to set it down. One person found this helpful 2 people found this helpful. I enjoyed reading this story and highly recommend the book. This was a very entertaining book. I found it to be very enthralling and unique. I love this book and would recommend it to adults and children alike!

Persian Fairy Tales | Stories of Ancient Iran

This book is enchanting and delightful. It is a must read for older children and adults. I would not be surprised if it were on the big screen soon! I highly recommend this book. See all 8 reviews. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. Skip to main content Swarthmore College. Title The Earth Shook: Published In The Earth Shook: Abstract Little Parisa--Farsi for "like an angel"--goes to bed one night only to be shaken from sleep by an earthquake that rocks her home of Bam, Iran.

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